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Anti-microbial coating


in style.

Effectively terminates H1N1 virus and other bacteria in 60 seconds!

Did you know?

"CDC estimates that 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands, and our smartphones have basically become an extension of that."

USA Today

Did You Know?

Best UV phone sanitizer

 18 UVC LED lights empower maximum radiation for a real 360 degree sanitization


Eliminate usage of non bio-degradable wipes and extend useful life of masks 

Eco-friendly & sustainability 

99.4% H1N1 virus  termination rate  

 Certified by SGS, the world's leading testing and certification agency 

Anti-bacteria protection 

Any disinfectant featuring anti-microbial coating will prevent microbial adhesion onto phone surface, thereby providing protection until the next disinfection

6522 - Hazard_edited.png

Safety first

Unlike a handheld device, an enclosed environment prevents leakage of UVC radiation to eyes and skin

Hygenic touch free


Easy-to-operate user interface


Operate device by simply waving at infrared red motion sensor

One-button touch screen interface allows users to effortlessly select among 3 functions 

Stylish & innovative 

State-of-the-art sanitizer and glamorous art piece in one, perfect for home decor and interior design

why ViRO-X HOMe?

Check it out!

Check it out!

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Best UV sanitizer

World's First Hybrid Sanitizer. 

ViRO-X HOME combines UVC sanitization and ultra-sound nano diffusion of disinfectant.  This double disinfection process ensures your mobile phone and personal accessories are free from viruses, bacteria, fungi and other infectious diseases.  

new norms. refined.

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