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"We believe sanitization should be cool, stylish, effective, efficient and eco-friendly, as this is the only way sanitization will ever become our daily routine."

ViRO-X  Founders



Most of us know the importance of routinely sanitizing our phones and personal accessories, yet we always have a reason not to do it.  For us at ViRO-X, there are 3 reasons:

1.  Using sanitizing wipes is time consuming and not eco-friendly.


2. We are weary of those unappealing plasticky UVC boxes which deceivingly claim to terminate over 99% of bacteria (without any blind spot or having to flip phone) using only a few UVC lights on just one side.


3.  We refuse to hold a hand-held UVC device for minutes and risk radiating ourselves and others since it is known to cause acute and chronic eye and skin damage.


We want to change the way people think and go about sanitizing; we want them to feel good and look forward to sanitizing.  With this target in mind, we strived to develop a cool device combining technology and visual artistry.


Our goal is to become a trusted brand of affordable luxury gadgets that refine new norms. 


From early conceptual design to multiple rounds of prototyping, we have spent over 20 months so far working with a world class team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers around the world to design every function and detail in a meticulous way, ensuring that we have a safe, effective, stylish and user friendly sanitizer built of quality materials.  


Creditability means the world to us, so unlike many new products which often pre-maturely rush to the market, we wanted to make sure our flagship product, ViRO-X HOME, is truly ready for mass production before we go to the market.  We are proud to announce that our prototyping has recently completed, and we are currently working on our marketing campaign and exploring various sales and distribution channels.  


Our team has diverse yet complimentary expertise from consumer products, design, mechanical engineering, marketing, manufacturing and finance.  

Our team members are located in Hong Kong, Singapore, US and China.

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