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ViRO-X HOME combines “contactless sanitization” using UVC radiation and “contact sanitization” through ultra-sound nano diffusion of disinfectant.  This hybrid process not only ensures a thorough disinfection but also offers anti-microbial protection.  Find out more below.

UVC light strip_2 2.jpg

UVC LED lights

UVC light strip_2 2.jpg
Diffusers & LED Lights.jpg

Nano diffusers

Diffusers & LED Lights.jpg


LED display.jpg

Dual Interface

LED display.jpg


Equipped with 18 powerful UVC LED lights, each with a maximum radiant of 12mW and 120 degree beam angle.

Coupled with reflective lining inside the enclosed dome as well as optimal distance created between the lights and the object, these 18 UVC lights empower a maximum 360 degree UVC radiation on the object without requiring user to flip it midway through, thereby ensuring the most effective and efficient disinfection process.

120 degree beam.jpg

Wide Angle + Optimal Distance 

Petri Dish


Certified by SGS, the world’s leading testing and certification agency, ViRO-X HOME effectively eliminated H1N1 (99.4%) and E. Coli (99.1%) through its 60-second UVC radiation function!

Lab Test result 99.06%.jpg
SGS lab report 99.4%.jpg


Through two built-in ultra-sound nano diffusers, disinfectant will fumigate the dome interior in a quick 10-second process to ensure the sanitizing object is thoroughly coated with disinfectant.


Ultra-sound: 100,000 to 150,000 vibrations per second, resulting in an overwhelming fumigation inside within a few seconds.  


Nano technology: reduce molecular structure of disinfectant to merely 0.3-0.5 nanometer, enabling these nano droplets of disinfectant to be adhered evenly onto your phone and other accessories.  

Any disinfectant featuring anti-microbial coating will disrupt the microbial envelope of bacteria and prevent the microbial adhesion onto the surface, hence protecting your phone and accessories against bacteria contamination before their next sanitization.

for more than just phones.

The interior of dome has ample space to fit in mobile phones and many personal accessories.

A built-in hook is designed for items such as eye glasses, rings and  ear rings, keys and masks.

UV Phone Sanitizer

touch free

Infrared red motion sensor allows for a hygienic touch free control.  This will be particularly useful in public environment such as clinics and reception areas.

Motion Sensor.jpg

touch screen

Easy-to-operate  touch screen interface allows users to effortlessly select among the 3 functions they desire.  

dual interface.

visual artistry.

Conceptualized by Italian American designer Gianluca Gamarda, the look of ViRO-X HOME took inspiration from a bomb, a powerful weapon which is capable of wiping out, in our case, all bacteria and viruses.

ViRO-X HOME is a stunning looking art piece to be featured at your home and office.

built to last.

Unlike those flimsy and plasticky sanitising boxes, ViRO-X HOME is made of sturdy metal structure.  The electroplated dome is made of zinc alloy, a sturdy material combining strength, toughness, performance and economical castability than any other alloy.


3.5 million of waste per day

Think twice about wiping down your phone using disinfection wipes because their synthetic fibers are non recyclable and will add to our bigger than ever landfill.  

According to World Bank researcher, the world generates at least 3.5 million tons of solid waste a day, 10 times the amount a century ago.

“If nothing is done, that figure will grow to 11 million tons of solid waste by the end of the century.”  The Washington Post

Sanitize with love and care

ViRO-X HOME can reduce the use of non biodegradable disinfection wipes and increase the reusability of surgical and reusable masks, which means less waste will be created.  

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